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The 2019 Symposium sponsored by Sino-France Joint Laboratory for Invasive Forest Pests in Eurasia opens in BFU

BFU NewsThe Sino-France Joint Laboratory for Invasive Forest Pests in Eurasia, jointly established by Beijing Forestry University and the French National Institute for Agricultural Research, held the 2019 Symposium from Nov. 18 to 19 in BFU. The symposium was supported by Science and Technology Office of French Embassy in China, Beijing Administration of Foreign Experts Affairs and Double First-Class Discipline Construction Project of Beijing Forestry University.

Sun Jianghua, chairman of Academic Committee of the Joint Laboratory and research fellow of the Institute of Zoology, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Prof. Luo Youqing, vice-president of BFU, Alain Roques, co-director and professor of INRA, Sirui LIU, representative of INRA in China, Zhang Xingyao, research fellow of Chinese Academy of Forestry, Li Zhihong, professor of China Agricultural University, Chen Hongjun, general director of National Standardization Management Committee, Zhao Yuxiang, director of Forestry Pest Control and Quarantine Management Division of Afforestation Department, State Administration of Forestry and Grassland, professor Shi Juan, associate professor Tao Jing and Dr. Fan Xinlei from the College of Forestry of BFU, Yang Nianwan, associate researcher fellow of Institute of Plant Protection, Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences, and researchers at Sino-France Joint Laboratory attended the symposium.

Prof. Luo Youqing, on behalf of BFU, delivered an opening speech. He reviewed the academic activities held since the cooperation agreement of the Sino-France Joint Laboratory for Invasive Forest Pests in Eurasia has been signed in 2018. Professor Luo hoped that the Joint Laboratory would seize the opportunity of annual academic exchange, continuously consolidate the partnership and broaden areas of cooperation to make greater contribution to Sino-French cooperation in education and scientific research in the field of agriculture and forestry and prevention and control of alien invasive species.

17 experts and scholars delivered speech followed by a detailed discussion. Alain Roques, Co-Director and Professor of INRA, delivered the keynote speech entitled Does Europe and China differ in invasive patterns of non-native insects related to woody plants? How to detect future invaders? It was reported that globalization accelerates insect invasion. The establishment of an artificial network of the sentinel trees for invasive and native tree species proves to be effective in the prevention and control of invasive insects. In order to achieve effective monitoring, it is necessary to design a special trap and lures according to the characteristics of invasive species at trade port so as to detect invasive species as early as possible.

During the symposium issues such as scientific research cooperation plan, exchange of visits and organization of annual academic conference for the coming year were discussed.

Translated by: LI Zhi