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The BFU-Run Landscape Architecture Listed Among China¡¯s Core S&T Journals


Landscape Architecture--run by Beijing Forestry University--is listed among the source journals for Chinese science and technology citation index in the 2019 Report of China¡¯s Science and Technology Journal Core Citation--Natural Science. The report was issued on the ¡°Issue Statistics Data of Chinese S&T Paper ¡¤ Forum¡± (Beijing, November 19, 2019).

19 science and technology journals are newly added, making the total number of journals 2049 in 2019 Report. Landscape Architecture is the only architecture journal added to the list this year and it is one of the few landscape and architecture journals to be listed as the Key Journal of China¡¯s Science and Technical Papers and Citations.

Landscape Architecture, founded in 1993, circulates beyond China since 2005. It is an international academic journal on landscape architecture, urban designing and public art, aiming at promoting new theories, contributing to the development of the discipline and stimulating industrial engagement in the discipline. The topics range from histories of modern and contemporary landscape, theories in landscape architecture and planning, environmental sciences in landscape designing, conceptual project proposals on landscape and urban design to showcases of projects of garden-designing and public art. The journal endorses articles with practical, academic and humanistic views. All the submission go through a bilingual online submission system and three round peer-review and editorial procedure. 400 external editorial board members come from almost 100 institutions and have high standard for the submissions. All the submissions are assessed carefully by the senior editors before publication of each volume. This process is also been supervised annually by Beijing Technology Journal Editorial Society.

 ¡¡¡¡Landscape Architecture stands on the frontier of the discipline and serves for scholars and public readers. It has been listed as source journal for Chinese Scientific and Technical Papers and Citations, source journal (extension) in AMI (2018), quasi-core journal in RCCSE(2017). Articles have been cited in many citation databases, including CJFD, China Core Journal (selection) Database, CHSSCD, CSTJ.

     The journal gains support from Beijing Forestry University in many aspects: the Deputy president Professor Li Xiong, as the consultant of the journal, initiates several assessments and discussions on the development of the journal with experts from external evaluation institutions; faculties of Landscape Architecture Department are chief editors and members of the editorial board; and research students also make contributions to translation, contact and other editorial work.

Landscape Architecture has been regarded as one of the top journals in landscape architecture in China. In the Discipline Evaluation by the Educational Administration in 2012 and 2016, the journal has been listed as 1 of the 4 ¡°Domestic academic journals in architecture for subject evaluation¡±. It owns good international reputation in the international academic community in the discipline and aims for increasing the number of international editors for peer-review and enlarging the circulation and impact..

The journal is esteemed to be an important sector in the development of landscape architecture discipline in Beijing Forestry University. The plan for the journal¡¯s development is part of the BFU ¡°Double-First Class¡± initiative project. (A19)