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Two BFU English Journals Listed among the Country¡¯s Distinct S&T Journals Action Plan

Recently, according to the Country¡¯s Distinct S&T Journals Action Plan Office, two BFU English academic journals, Forest Ecosytems (English ed.) and Avian Research (English ed.), have been listed in the ¡°Echelon Journals¡± program of the plan.

The Country¡¯s Distinct S&T Journals Action Plan was jointly carried out by seven ministries and institutions, including China Association for Science and Technology, Ministry of Finance of the PRC, Ministry of Education of the PRC, Ministry of Science and Technology of the PRC, State Administration of Press, Publication, Radio, Film and Television of the PRC, Chinese Academy of Sciences, and Chinese Academy of Engineering. Its objective is to firmly follow the central government¡¯s instructions on developing the world-class S&T journals, fully implement the Suggestions on Deepening Reforms and Developing World-class S&T Journals, promote the high-quality development of S&T journals in China, accelerate the development of the world-class S&T journals, and reinforce the S&T and cultural foundation of China so as to ascend towards world S&T powers. The plan, which contains five programs, started receiving applications from September 2019. The five programs are namely the Leading Journals, Key Journals, Echelon Journals, High-starting-point Journals, and Cluster Pilots. By the start of November, all defenses and assessments of the journals for application were completed. 860 around journals applied for the plan, and 285 of them, which includes 180 English journals, 100 Chinese journals, and 5 cluster pilots, eventually became as the victors, after a complexed and professional procedure ¡ª qualification examination, quantitative evaluation, journal defense and assessment, along with the review and approval of the Experts Committee of the World-class S&T Journals Development. The two BFU English journals are successfully listed among the plan as ¡°Echelon Journals¡±, with a project period of 5 years, and each journal will be supported by the plan of 400,000 RMB annually. During the period, the editorial office will further specialize and internationalize the journals to make them play a bigger role, enhance the capabilities of dissemination and service delivery, and endeavor to make BFU S&T journals ascend into the first-class journals worldwide.

Currently, there are around 400 English S&T journals in China, 213 of which are indexed by SCIE. Two BFU English journals having been listed among the Distinct S&T Journals Action Plan highlights our discipline strength and academic publishing capability, which strongly supports our development of first-class disciplines and world-class S&T journals. On this basis, BFU will map out a development strategy for bringing out world-class S&T journals to enhance our influence of academic journals with desirable policies and basic supports.


                                                                                                            Tr. by Zhang Yan