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Liang Xi: Pioneer of China¡¯s Modern Forestry Industry, BFU¡¯s copyrighted play, debuts as part of BFU¡¯s Loyalty & Commitment Education Campaign

    On October 16, Liang Xi: Pioneer of China¡¯s Modern Forestry Industry, BFU¡¯s copyrighted play, debuted to celebrate the 70th anniversary of the founding of the People's Republic of China and the 67th anniversary of the founding of Beijing Forestry University. The play pays tribute to the older generation of scientists and educators in China¡¯s modern forestry industry represented by Liang Xi.

    To showcase Liang¡¯s lifelong endeavour in a two-hour play on the stage, it took the team six years from play writing to the debut. All of the 25 cast members are young students from BFU¡¯s different schools: sophomores, juniors, seniors, graduate students, and even a primary school student playing Liang in his childhood. Based on real stories of Liang Xi, the play strengthened the educating and touching effect of  the contents with rich artistic drama means of lighting, setting, sound and performance.

    The nearly two-hour play attracted a capacity audience, who were deeply moved, even into tears, by the inspiring performance, which depicted Mr. Liang's extraordinary life of painstaking efforts and great contribution to the forestry cause and ecological civilization. Liang and other forestry scientists like him had demonstrated their patriotism and firm belief in their ¡°Green Dream¡±, their faith in scientific research, their lofty spirit and noble character. Young people present at the play were empowered by the role model set by Liang Xi and realized the responsibilities that they are to shoulder from the last generation.

    The personal experiences of Liang Xi have been integrated to the history of Beijing Forestry University. This play, a portrait of Liang Xi, is a new form of efforts to review BFU¡¯s history and tell its stories. The education campaign for loyalty and commitment in this experiment is more concrete, enlightening and touching with the vivid performance on the stage. 

    Inspired by the spirit of Liang Xi, Beijing Forestry University has been responding to the call of the Party and the needs of the country, from its establishment in 1952, to its relocation to Yunnan province for several years, and now it has developed into a prestigious key university, featuring forestry, landscape architecture, forestry engineering, and agricultural and forestry economic management. Today, more than 100,000 graduates of BFU, represented by 15 academicians of the two academies, follow Liang Xi¡¯s footprints to carry out their commitment to ¡°turning mountains green and making waters clear¡±.

    Liang Xi (December 28, 1883-December 10, 1958) is a famous forestry educator, social activist, one of the founders of Jiusan Society and the first Minister of Forestry and Reclamation of the People's Republic of China. He trekked across mountains and rivers to make national strategies for the forestry development and devoted his whole life to the education of forestry professionals. His great contribution to the forestry cause and people¡¯s democracy has earned him great fame and respect from his peers and his followers. 


Translated by: Jiang Lan