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Introduction to Alumni Association of BFU

Beijing Forestry University (BFU) has become a well-known institution of higher education at home and abroad after more than 60 years of development. Students graduated from BFU are distributed around the world and making their own contributions to human progress. in October 2004, a special meeting was held to prepare for the establishment of Alumni Working Office, the goal of which is to coordinate all the BFU alumni to promote the spirit of BFU, carry forward its tradition and serve as a platform to strengthen the communication between alumni and alma mater. 
The BFU Alumni Working Office was officially set up in January 2005 to serve both alumni and the university, and to promote mutual progress of both. On the basis of which, BFU Alumni Association (BFUAA) was founded on 12th, October, 2013 after 8 years of preparation. The first Assembly of Representatives was held on the same day. The registration of BFUAA in the Ministry of Civil Affairs was fulfilled on 6th, January, 2014.
BFUAA has gained enthusiastic support from alumni of College of Forestry, School of Soil and Water Conservation and School of Landscape Architecture as well as all other schools and colleges of BFU. By far, local alumni organizations have been successively founded in 25 different cities, regions and countries: Xiamen, Guangdong, Hong Kong and Macao (combined by the former Guangzhou Alumni Association, Shenzhen, Hong Kong and Macau Alumni Association), Anhui, Fujian, Tibet, Yunnan, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, and etc. In addition, 5 more local alumni preparational organizations were set up in Jilin, Xinjiang, Guangxi and other provinces. All these organizations have played wonderful part in connecting alumni from all over the world.
BFUAA will uphold the tradition of the university, make extensive contacts with alumni at home and abroad, and promote the development of both alumni and the university. 
BFU Canadian Alumni Association has been launched its website. For more information please visit